Selling art online is a great way to start an online business. However, any business needs a clear marketing strategy to ensure that you sell your products effectively. There are two main ways to sell your art online through either using an internet based auction site such as eBay or through community and social websites such as Facebook and Pinterest. It may also be worth starting to think about building your own website that you could direct people to. This article will give you some ideas to consider when selling you art online.

Marketing tips to sell more art online

tips to sell art online

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Best places to sell art online

places to sell art online

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How to Sell Art in Amazon

sell art in amazon

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How to sell art with Facebook

sell art with facebook

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Using social media

Social media sites are increasingly being used to sell products online. Facebook in particular have local buy and sell groups that you could advertise you art on. A great alternative social media site for all things art is Pinterest. This site relies on great quality photographs to advertise your products. Perhaps you could link your advert to your own website which could really increase the number of customers that you have. A business profile on both Facebook and twitter is also essential for your business success. Community websites such as gumtree are also useful places to advertise your art and provide a link to your website, especially as they are free.

Using internet auction sites

Most people are familiar with the eBay auction site. This is a great way to start your online business selling art. The main drawback of course is that it does involve fees. However, it is extremely easy to use and manage your listings. It also allows your buyers to purchase your products in real time. You can also gain feedback from your customers on here which will enable your business to grow. Amazon Marketplace also has a similar approach to enable you to sell.

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