Cookies are tiny files that are stored on your computer and browser, in order to remind the information among webs or visits, also improve the experience creating behaviors profiles and likewise are widely used to recognize the user.

The use of cookies don’t provide personal information in any case.

¿What types of cookies use our website?

-Session cookies: are designed to recognized and storage information meanwhile you navigate between pages, allowing the experience across the page more quickly and easily. These session cookies are only stowed temporarily in the memory of the browser and are destroyed once the session is shut down.

-Analyst cookies: Allow us to collect information in order to make statistics and evaluations about “user’s behaviors” across our website, with the purpose of improve the structure of our page.

We use Google Analytics , a tool design by Google, which doesn’t obtain any personal information – as name, last name, postal code- Only attain information related with the numbers of visitors to the site, languages, social network, where visitors have come from, frequency of the visit, measurement time, types of navigations.

You have the ability to block or delete cookies from your computer device, through changing your internet software browsing settings.

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