How to Sell Art in Amazon

sell art in amazon

Amazon is currently the largest online retail store in the world, which is why it makes sense to sell your art on Amazon. Registering yourself as a seller on Amazon is extremely simple and it enables you to showcase your art to millions of customers worldwide. When it comes to selling art on Amazon, you can either choose to sell as an individual or as a professional. Irrespective of what you choose, Amazon will guide you through its hassle-free registration process and you can begin selling within a few minutes’ time!

Step by Step Process of Registering as an Amazon Seller

Step 1: Register yourself as a Professional Seller on Amazon. This is a preferred option because Amazon would only charge you a selling commission instead of an extra commission per item sold (which is the case with individual sellers). Of course, there is a fee for being a professional seller but it is worth it if you plan to sell a lot of art pieces.

Step 2: Choose to sell with Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). In this program, you will be required to send your art pieces to Amazon warehouse wherein they would be shipped to the ultimate customer. FBA sellers on Amazon are preferred to non-FBA sellers, which is why this option is better.

Step 3: Observer the rules and policies which applies to you as an art seller on Amazon. One good thing about Amazon is that unlike other online sites, it does not change its rules often.

Tips to Boost Your Sale of Art on Amazon

One of the best tips to increase your sale of art pieces on Amazon is to win the Buy Box. A Buy Box is basically the page which comes up when the prospective buyer clicks on one of the product results listed in results page (after he/she makes a search query). To win the Buy Box your art pieces should have the lowest price (including shipping). Also, if you sell a unique item which no other sellers have then you’re more likely to win the Buy Box.

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