How to sell art with Facebook

sell art with facebook

If you are an artist and wish to sell your work, then one great option is to set up a Facebook business page. With millions of potential customers, that next sale could just be one click away.

How to set up an art business page on Facebook.

Setting up a business page in order to sell your artwork is incredibly easy, as you are taken through the entire process, step by step. From your profile page you can find the Pages tab, and from here you can create a new ‘page’. You can select your type of business, such as art and then add your business name. You will then be prompted to fill in several mandatory fields. The real fun though is how you make your page look. In order to sell art, you need to show your fans exactly what your business is about, so be sure to include as much detail and photos of your art as you can.

How to use Facebook to increase those sales

So, once you have set up your Facebook business page, you need to get posting. An active and busy page, with lots of comments, photographs and information about your art work, will all help to engage with your potential customers. You need to ensure that you post updates about your art on a regular basis, and involve your fans. Show them where you paint and your works in progress. Another great incentive is to offer your Facebook fans a discount code, or a sneak peak on special offers. Ultimately you need to arrange your art work in an attractive and eye catching manner so that your potential customers can see your full range of work.

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